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George Harrison - 1974-11-30 - Chicago, IL
(Audience FLAC)

Chicago Stadium

Evening show

Version - I'm Still Neil Diamond! (Howling Leg - HL363)

The 26th show of George Harrison's 1974 North American tour. Another show which has only surfaced latterly, and has not been widely bootlegged, though Tarantura released a version in 2007 ("Waiting for a Hot Ticket") which features "Tom cat", missing here - perhaps a different recording of the show? The recording is not a great one. The recording levels were evidently too high, and there is a lot of distortion in many tracks, especially in the bass. A couple of tracks are almost lost in the distortion. There are also speed problems in a couple of tracks. It does give a good immediate sense of how loud the shows must have been, however. The Indian section is completely absent.

As for the show itself, George remains upbeat, with jokes in the intros, including a Monty Python quote, and the show is received very enthusiastically by the crowd. The performance of "Soundstage of Mind" confirms it as the evening performance.

1. Hari's on Tour (Express) 4:54
2. While my Guitar Gently Weeps 5:59
3. Something 4:17
4. Will it go Round in Circles 3:57
5. Sue Me Sue You Blues 4:19
6. For You Blue 5:08
7. Band Introductions 2:10
8. Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth) 4:02
9. Sound Stage of Mind 4:38
10. In my Life 5:53
11. Maya Love 5:04
12. Dark Horse 4:36
14. Nothing from Nothing 4:02
15. Outta Space 5:28
16. What is Life 5:30
17. My Sweet Lord 8:03

Total time 78:00

Show identifiers:

Track 1 – 0:29 "Good Evening Chicago!"
Track 2 – 0:25 someone near taper - "Get out of the way man!"
- 3:26 "Go on have a look at yourselves – not bad!"
- 5:44 "Danke schön!"
Track 3 – 4:08 "OK – well, there seems to be a bunch of loonies [?is out mons ago?] what’s going on out there?"
Track 6 - Intros by George "Emil Richards on percussion!", "Robben Ford on guitar!", "Willie Weeks on the bass guitar (inaudible due to distortion) – I kidnapped him to play for you!"
Track 7 – "Chicago has always been [firecracker] good for a laugh… Chicago has always had good music… On percussion over there, Mr Lunacy himself, Emil Richards… Robben Ford, who I also kidnapped with Tommy from the LA Express... My name’s Neil Diamond…"
Track 15 – "...Say no more! Say no more!"

Editing notes -
Speed correction - 97.618% throughout.
Left channel lowered by 3.38 dB throughout, right channel by 2.03 dB from Track 10 onwards.
Track 2 – Bass distortion is bad throughout this one
Track 3 – 2:35 tape speed wobble corrected
Track 4 – cleaner sound (could be adjustments from the mixing desk), though it distorts in the middle with a louder drum section.
Track 5 – 0:55 another tape wobble, which slows the tempo, corrected
Track 6 – start removed, segued with end of 5 (this would have been where the Indian section was). The first ten seconds are lost to distortion, and the sound takes a while to come good. Click repair used.
Track 9 – 3:25 major sound problems throughout the rest of the song - distortion, major speed fluctuations.
- applause added (from end of 4) to correct/segue an abrupt cut-off before start of next song
Track 10 - time errors corrected (music slowed briefly) at 4:15, 4:19 and 4:22-4:36
– 1 sec repeat at 5:44 removed (?bad edit to cover break for or battery change)
Track 11 - sound is suddenly cleaner, and remains clean (except bass drum distortion) till Track 14
Track 14 – dropout at 2:07 smoothed
Track 15 – half second of applause cut (?bad edit of previous cut from longer applause)
Track 16 – declick applied from 4:24. Two seconds of applause appended to end for fade-out

Original notes:
"Audience recording from the original master cassette. Sound quality is decent, not great, as it was hard to get a great recording from the Chicago Stadium any way, anyhow! There is some crackling from the mic connection in one of the songs, but it does not last long. I am not sure if this is the complete recording. It probably is. George’s voice sounds a bit hoarse, so he may have abbreviated the set. I saw this same show at Madison Square Garden and recall it was not a long show and George’s voice was in poor form.

"This release is the fourth of many from the Howard Silver collection. Originally from New York, Howard spent his college years and thereafter in Chicago. He attended many concerts in the 70’s, and taped many of them using a Sony TC-110 with built in microphone. For later shows, he used an external microphone, of which brand he does not recall.These shows have never been heard by anyone but Howard and his wife! However, he is no hoarder. He did not think anyone would be interested in his tapes. How wrong he was!!! Many more to come….stay tuned!!"

Audience > master cassette > CDRW > EAC > CDwave > flac > CDR > EAC > wav > cool edit pro 2 (speed correction, declicking, general editing) > wav > flac



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i was there too, 1st row balcony. the 2007 recoeding was pretty crappy but certainly better than nothing. i rank this in the top 5 of shows i went to(out of hundreds). thanks so much for this.

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If I recall correctly, the reason the Indian music set is missing is that Ravi Shankar was ill and did not appear. I had a ticket for the next show, which was to be in Cleveland, but we got socked by a terrible snow storm. I was on my way to the Richfield Coliseum with my friend Carl when they canceled the show. As I recall, George and the band were not able to get out of Chicago. One of the biggest disappointments of my concert going life. Another was in 1974 when Bob Dylan and the Band couldn't get Public Hall for the date they wanted (there was a Knights of Columbus track meet that weekend), so no show in Cleveland.
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