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Ginger Baker's Airforce 3
Borderline, London
26 Jan 2016

This was a short set. Ginger apparently suffered a serious accident a few months ago and is taking longer to recover than anticipated. He was obviously in very poor physical shape. He had to take an “emergency break” after about half an hour, came back to do one number, then took another break. One final number followed and that was it. I've cut out the breaks.

Set list:

Sweet wine
Band intros
That's the way God planned it
Pressed rat and warthog
I can't find my way home
Cyril Davies
A-Iko bia
Ginger Baker chant

Recorded on Roland R HR09 and converted to flac in Magix ACL. Sample in comments
dalmar6677-2016-01-26-Ginger Baker, Borderline, London 16 bit.flac.rar - FileFactory

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Thanks for sharing -
R.I.P. Ginger Baker
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