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Ginger (Wildhearts)& Paul Gilbert Japan 2000 this may have been on here before! if not lovely jubbly then, its a mixed bag of original and cover songs but you probably worked that out from the titles.I,ve also got them doing some thing simular in Japan 98. leave a post if you want it.
1 sonic shake.
2 rock&roll music.
3 little wing.
4 suckerpunch.
5 ai no shirushi.
6 sick of drugs.
7 surrender.
8 malibu beach.
9 deuce.
10 sheena is a punk rocker.
11 no matter what.
12 substitute.
13 ace of spades.
14 johnny be goode.
15 riff raff.
16 shoot the moon.
17 to be with you.
18 surfin bird.
19 space oddity.
20 adam's apple.
21 somebody to love.

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dude,nice one. it has indeed been posted before, by myself in fact. However,you may have missed these. I posted these a long time ago

ginger live at the garage 2001

wildhearts demos

wildhearts live 2001 compilation

clam abuse at dingwalls (only gig)

rare tracks (cant remember whats in this)

i've got a few more things. i will try to get them up at some point
if ya have em, sorry for hijaking your post
if ya dont got em, enjoy and sorry for hijaking your post
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