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Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard Fall 2012 Tour

Austin, TX
Bass Concert Hall
Sunday, November 11th, 2012 - 7:30pm - 11:30pm CST

Taper: Wbhendrix

Glen Hansard Set List:
1. Leave
2. Pennies in the Fountain
3. Love Don't Leave Me Waiting / RESPECT
4. Step out of the Shadows (false start)
5. Step out of the Shadows
6. Low Rising
7. This Gift
8. Heart's Not In It
9. Astral Weeks
10. Devil Town (A capella) (Daniel Johnston Cover)

Eddie Vedder Set List:

1. Tuolumne
2. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town (Pearl Jam song)
3. Can't Keep (Pearl Jam song)
4. Sleeping By Myself
5. Without You
6. Your True
7. Light Today
8. Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)
9. Wishlist (Pearl Jam song)
10. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles cover)
11. Far Behind
12. Setting Forth
13. Guaranteed
14. Rise
15. Long Nights (with Glen Hansard)
16. Better Man (Pearl Jam song)
17. Les Paul Uke
18. Fourth of July (Dave Alvin cover)
19. Porch (Pearl Jam song)

20. Masters of War (Bob Dylan cover)
21. Just Breathe (Pearl Jam song)
22. The Longing Goes Away (The Frogs cover) (with Jimmy Flemion)
23. Starboy (The Frogs cover) (with Jimmy Flemion)
24. Society (Jerry Hannan cover) (with Glen Hansard)
25. Sleepless Nights (The Everly Brothers cover) (with Glen Hansard)
26. Falling Slowly (The Swell Season cover) (with Glen Hansard)
27. Unthought Known (Pearl Jam song)
28. Arc (Pearl Jam song)

Encore 2:
29. Hard Sun (Indio cover) (with Glen Hansard) (also feat. Jimmy Flemion)
30. Picture in a Frame (Tom Waits cover) Hansard - Eddie Vedder - Austin_ TX
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