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Im snowed in and need BT's to keep me sane! If anyone can help on some quality bt's that would be awesome.

Alice In Chains-Rooster
Deep Purple-Space Truckin'
Eagles, The-Lyin' Eyes,One Of These Nights,Peaceful Easy FeelingTake It Easy
Kansas-Carry On Wayward Son, The Wall
Led Zeppelin-Ramble On,Rock and Roll (w/ vocals)
Michael Schenker Group, The-Into The Arena
Montrose-Rock Candy
Queensryche-I Don't Believe In Love
Rush-A Farewell To Kings-Bastille Day
Van Halen-Hear About It Later-Ain't Talking Bout Love (w/ vocals)

Thanks. I'm sure my wife apprciates this. It will keep her sane too.
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