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Good ol\' Richie !!!

Man !!! I'm such a soft arse, and you can use this as an opportuinity to take a pop at me (should be second nature to you lot by now

But I'm sat here, at work, listening to Richie Sambora's - Undiscovered Soul. Now, let's just get something straight here. He has, and always will be a guitar hero to me. Great guy, and nice with it. Brilliant songwriter and lyricist, and sings much better than Mr. Bon Jovi !

Anyway, we had a song off this album as one of the songs when the guests arrived in the Great Hall where we got married. So this was my time to really take in what was happening to me, because, obviously, I hadn't seen the wife in her dress yet, and in about ten minutes she was going to walk in and make me a very happy man and then we were gonna get married !!!

Anyway, the song was "In It For Love". Always been a special song for me, but it really summed up what I think a union between two people should be.

Well, fook me. I'm sat here at work fighting back the tears. Probably wasn't a good idea to pop this one in the CD player at work, eh ?

Just wanted to share it with you. Amazing how a song can invoke such an emotional response. I know it's cuz it's got a heavy association with my wedding day, but still....

Anyway, if you haven't checked out his solo stuff, I'd recommend it, cuz it's fantastic !

I missed out on the bootleg that was posted on this site, but I'll get one eventually !

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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