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I was hunting around my house and found a old G4. I installed the latest MacOS X on there and I am ready to go Software wise.

It is a G4 450Mhz with 640 SDRAM.

I dunno if 450 Mhz is good, but i do know they don't measure the Mhz same as the PC's so according to my dad the 450 Mhz mac might mean like 1 - 1.5 Ghz PC, this true? Crap or not the thing still flys by.

Aso all i need now it a wicked sound card / Firewire audio interface.

I looked around on Digital Village for a sound card and saw 2 in my price range.

A edirol FA-101 ( Link ) and a M-Audio 10X10 delta ( Link ).

Will these both work with Macintosh computers? Also 0in the M-audio (as i can't see it in the picture) will it enable me to plug 10 mics or line ins stright into it and let me record 10 tracks in cubase at the same time?

I am pretty new to this and any info I get seems to be half answered, so I thought i would ask here if anybody knew.

Thanks for any help (sorry about the long read).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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