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its..... eh..... alright i guess..... couple things really suck on it tho, for one thing, the fretboard is super skinny.... i measured it compared to my old ibanez and its like 1/8" skinnier (which is significantly different feeling).... i really wasnt expecting this fretboard issue, kind of a bummer.... do real strats have a skinnier fretboard also?

the other issue, which i kinda was expecting is the bridge pickup is very noisy.... im definetely gonna haveta get a single humbucker pickup for that....

other than that its alright.... ya get what ya pay for.... cliche i know

oh..... the little fender amp is friggin sweet tho.... frontman 15g really can sound raunchy, i love it.... anyways thought id post because i was asking yall earlier last week about the squiers, i just wanted to tell you all what i thought
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