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I made this cassette recording of a 'Squeezing Out Sparks' FM show back in '79 yet never noted the date or location.

As GP&tR did a number of FM broadcasts in 1979 (Long Island, Chicago, Seattle,) it is likely an excerpt of one of those shows.
The opening songs / setlist doesn't match any of them and they didn't broadcast the entire performance. If you recognize the show, let us know!

Having digitized the tape recently, I am uploading it to Guitars101 as thanks for the many great shows posted here.
For now consider this the "79 A Side Concert" (and a different B side FM recording of GP&tR will be posted shortly.)

Major shoutout to Edge for his incredible work in sharing shows with other fans!

The A Side
Local Girls
Mercury Poisoning
Heat Treatment
Stick To Me
You Can't Be Too Strong
Saturday Night is Dead
I Want You Back (cut)
Chain of Fools

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Hi Beeswingrm,

I haven't downloaded this yet but for information I have a GPaR FM broadcast by the BBC on April 21st 1979 at the Hammersmith Odeon (not necessarily the date it was recorded).

I have just bought an analogue to digital converter and want to upload some shows as payback for all the gigs I have downloaded. There must be over 70 concerts from '71 through '91 with bands from the Allman Brothers to Yes - all from BBC FM. Any advice/help concerning uploading would be much appreciated. Most of the shows are around 60 minutes but some are shorter and a few are full length concerts.

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