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Graham Parker and the Rumour
Paramount N.W. Theatre, Seattle WA

FM broadcast (KISW), very good quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps
Artwork Included

Graham Parker emerged from the British Pub-rock scene in the mid-70's and was the real originator of the developing 'angry young rocker' new wave music style. His non-stop, high-energy, incendiary live performances with The Rumour are legendary, and his later, more refined, compelling, and evocative songwriting continued to set high standards for all singer-songwriters. This is a fine radio broadcast from 1979, the height of The Rumour days (and in support of arguably their best album, Squeezing Out Sparks), features many of their most well-known songs and their trademark unrelenting pace for the whole show. So, here's to Graham Parker, another of the all-time great, but sadly under-appreciated rock artists.

01. KISW Intro
02. Discovering Japan
03. Local Girls
04. Soul On Ice
05. Don't Get Excited
06. Back To School Days
07. Howling Wind
08. Heat Treatment
09. Stick To Me
10. Mercury Poisoning
11. You Can't Be Too Strong
12. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
13. Clear Head
14. (Hey Lord) Don't Ask Me Questions
15. Protection
16. Saturday Night Is Dead
17. Nobody Hurts You
18. Soul Shoes
19. Encore Applause
20. E: I Want You Back
21. E: Pouring It All Out

Graham Parker: Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Brinsley Shwarz: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Martin Belmont: Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Bob Andrews: Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Steve Goulding: Drums and Backing Vocals
Andrew Bodnar: Bass

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One can find a working "Zippyshare" link to this show on blark1056's excellent "BB Chronicles" (link above). :)
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