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Greg Kihn Band
Justin Herman Plaza ( was Vaillancourt Plaza back then I believe )
San Francisco, CA.
July 21, 1978

Very Good/Excellent FM broadcast from radio station KSAN.

Check the samples

Transfer from original tape

Sorry,no artwork included


For You
Loves Made a Fool of You
Cold Hard Cash
Hurt so Bad
Madison Ave Man
Can't have highs, Without the Lows
Real Big Man ( fades )
Everybody Else
Untie my Hands

Enjoy the Show !!

Real big man fades a few seconds early to cut DJ chatter. There is a splice in Satisfied at 4:02.There is
about 5 or 6 seconds of music missing because of a tape flip. The splice is in the samples.
I am looking for an early 90's GKB radio broadcast that I have lost. Not sure where it's from
but Greg mentions knocking over the Wilson Phillips display at the beginning of the show. If you have
this one please upload. Thanks.....

Check out my other GKB uploads that are still on the tracker.... :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 :: Login :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 :: Login

dalmar6677-1978-07-21-Greg Kihn-SF.rar - FileFactory
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