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The Greg Kihn Band
Slim's, San Francisco, CA
December 17, 1992

Source: KFOG-FM
Lineage: Maxell XL-II master cassette>Audacity>wav>flac

1. KFOG Intro
2. Roadrunner
3. Jeopardy
4. Remember
5. Hole In The Head
6. Can't Stop Hurting Mystelf
7. The Break Up Song
8. Sweet Jane
9. KFOG Outro

Total time 47:02

Greg Kihn - vocals, guitar
Steve Wright - bass
Jimmy Lyon - guitar
Pat Mosca - keyboards
Tyler Eng - drums

Greg Kihn | Greg Kihn - MTV Recording Artist Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) Jeopardy

Kihn was back in the clubs at this point, and would transition to being a disc jockey by 1996.

Many thanks to draftervoi for providing this file set through the Voodoo Wagon blog.

Support the artists! Buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Uploaded to Dime by propylaen in July 2015.


dalmar6677-1992-12-17-Greg Kihn-Slim\'s SF.rar - FileFactory SF.rar
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