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The Greg Kihn Band
Santa Clara County Fair
Christopher Park Stage
San Jose, CA.
August 2, 2014

Very Good/Excellent Audience recording

Lineage: Sony WM-D3, supplied mic, Fuji type II cassettes, TLH, SB16, Dime

That is correct, vintage equipment used for this project

From master tape

Check the samples

Generic artwork included ( word doc )

Time to ramble on.......
Where do I begin. I last saw the GKB 2 years ago at the reunion show in Santa Cruz. A few things have
changed. The band looked and sounded fantastic. The sound system was loud and clear although the vocals cut
out once or twice. A few mysteries to ponder. No sign of a keyboard player this time around and no 12 string
guitars on stage. The keyboard track for Jeopardy failed so we have a little different sounding version of that
I was 20 feet back dead center. The venue was a small park in the middle of the fairgrounds. It was so
small that I thought for sure we were in the wrong place. Not much of a crowd either for the still
powerful GKB. Also, Ry Kihn's guitar playing was the best I've ever heard in the 17 plus years since
the first time I saw him with the band. He also sang lead on a few songs. Don't know why, another mystery.
Talked to Greg a bit after the show. He signed a setlist for my wife and took a few pictures.
Very nice guy.....


Breakup song tease / Another Girl, Another Planet
For You
Hole in the Head
Ain't Got You
Madison Ave Man
Big Pink Flamingos

Happy Man ( Ry Kihn on vocals
Anything But That
Love and Rock and Roll ( Ry Kihn on Vocals )
Tear That City Down ( Ry and Greg on Vocals )
The Breakup Song

Enjoy the Show !!

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dalmar6677-2014-08-02-The Greg Kihn Band-San Jose.rar - FileFactory Kihn Band-San Jose.rar
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