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The Greg Kihn Band
Live at the Mystic Theatre
Petaluma, California
October 8, 2016

Location: Middle of the floor, 25 feet back
Very Good/Excellent audience recording
Complete show from Master Recording
Please check the samples to see if you like the recording or not...
Source Linage: Sony WM-D3 recorder, supplied stereo mic ( PC-62), Maxell XLII 100
Sorry,no artwork

Decent show from the GKB. I was expecting a bit more with all the hype but all
in all was happy with the way things went. Four new songs were played from the
upcoming new album “ReKihndled”. Pretty small crowd, had a nice floor
spot while my wife opted for being in front. When the band came on, she was the
only one standing against the stage.

Enjoy the Show !!

Disc 1:

Anything but That
Madison Ave Man
The Life I got
For You
Springsteen Story
Tear That City Down
Hole in the Head
Come back Casandra
Ain't GotYou

Disc 2:

Happy Man
Big Pink Flamingos
Tell me Something Good
The Breakup Song
Roadrunner / Jumping Jack Flash


Greg Kihn - Vocal/Guitar
Ry Kihn- Guitar
Robert Berry - Bass/ vocals
David Lauser-Drums

dalmar6677-2016-10-08-The Greg Kihn Band-Petaluma, CA.rar - FileFactory Kihn Band-Petaluma, CA.rar
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