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I am from Rhode Island, USA. more specifically I am 5 minutes from what was the GUILD guitars factory before they closed. some of the most talented wood workers and the nicest acoustic guitars in the world have come from this plant. sooo I was in this store where they are selling of a small fortune in NOS GUILDS and what do I see? CAMPBELL USA GUITARS...the man told me the the master luthiers where a tight group of friends who started their own company in pawtucket RI (outside providence). so I played the PLEXIS model. all these campbells have a strat like design but with a little twist that makes it its own thing. for starters, of the three models I saw, none of them had traditional strat or tele style pickup configurations. there was a HH with individual coil taps on push/pull pots. a H s H that also had coil taps I think. and my favorite, a green stain strat body with a huge cutaway, maple neck, rosewood board, pearloid white pickgaurd, humbucker size P90 single coils, stain headstock w/ sceen printed "plexis". this is the one I got to beat on. 3 way switch 1 vol, 1 tone pots. the gold pickup covers, gold heavy duty switch, gold knobs, gold tele style bridge (string thru). gold, perl, and money green wood grain really turns heads. the P90's are meant to ROCK. anything from deftones to stones. I was in a big crate set to sound like a marshall high gain with reverb and this thing sounded amazing. both pickups on is where it shines. either P90 by itself is either too bassy or too bright so it makes a great combo I think. it can do the clean as well but I don't think you can get jazz/funk exactly. its more of a one trick pony. actually its a white pony deftones machine. the other models that I have not tried seen to be alot more versatile. especially the red HsH with tappable duncans 59's.

these are brand new and I don't think anyone knows they exist yet so remember you heard it here first.

questions? hit me up in the thread.
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