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All right guys. First like to say hello and seems this forums has great advice soooo yeah I'm probably going to get about $1000 within a small amount of time and I am going to buy a guitar. I was curios about the thinness of a Jackson RR3 as according to specs doesnt seem much thinner then my Kramer Striker FR422SM though I know that from my 5 minutes of playing a Random Jackson V off the wall at Guitar Center (I think it was part of the RR series) that it seemed much thinner. Anyone shed any light on this guitar and even if it sounds great. I mostly play Metal btw. Also if you have a better guitar for under $800 then I want to hear the suggestion.

Edit: Also I have a Digitech RP80 Multi Effects Pedal and a Marshall MG30DFX and My soon to be gig amp is a peavy bandit 112

Your Fellow Shredder,
Roji (thats my actual nickname rofl)
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