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Riff Addict said:
Has anyone ever had a lesson from a famous/semi-famous musician? I had a 30 minute private lesson with Ted Nugent a few years back. He was good friends with a local Music store owner here in Waco that was also friends with (my band opened for his band a few times) and I got the hookup before he played a concert later at one of our local clubs. I was a bit intimidated but he was very cool and we played Cat Scratch Fever together and he showed me some of his picking techniques. Great experience. We don't get alot of famous musicians here and I thought it was very cool of Ted to take the time out to jam with me awhile. I got to ride with him and his wife to the show in a limo. :rock:

Anyone else have a similar experience?
Awesome experience!

My teacher is one of these almost famous people. He auditionned for bands like Ozzy Osbourne (Just after Jake E Lee left) and for Megadeth when they were looking for Marty Friedman. That's about it.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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