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Guitar Notes - Practicing Interval Scales of Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth

I really like to practice exercises with intervals, because they force me to move my fingers in a very different way than when I practice scales.
These exercises that I expose in the video are quite difficult to play and we will need some time to get to play them in a fluid way
Later when playing, these interval resources can be used to give a variation to our musical phrases.

00:00 Major Thirds Interval Scale C E D F E G F A G B A C

00:33 Minor Thirds Interval Scale C Eb D F Eb G F Ab G Bb Ab C

00:59 Fourths Interval Scale C F D G E A F B G C

01:25 Fifths Interval Scale C G D A E B F C

01:45 Sixths Interval Scale C A D B E C
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