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Hello Gentle Folks.

I have a prob here, and i'm really hoping one of you can help.

My acoustic guitar fell (handy work of my girlfriend), and now, it has a crack at a most undesirable place (not that ANY crack could be pleasant!).

I will describe it.

Its right under the heel, and is between the SIDE of the guitar, and the BACK of the guitar.
It would ALMOST pass as HEEL gap, EXCEPT that it is not ONLY the heal that is lifting up, but the BACK platform from the SIDE platform of the BODY.

HEre's a little pick to illustrate.

It is a gap between X and Y, and the place marked "here" with the arrow (sry - no camera).

It is a slight crack, and I believe it could even be fixed with ponal and pressure.
My questions are -
Which glue is best?
Should I widen the crack to get a gap to get the glue down in there?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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