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Hey, I'm wondering how to get the effect Peter Frampton used on Lines on my Face (and others). It's that early 70's sound with a flangy, chorusy autowah type effect plus some light tube distortion, reverb and probably a little compression/limiting.

Has anyone here gotten this exact effect? I've sold my amps and most of my old pedals so I can't experiment at the moment but I want to get back into it and learn how to get this exact sound. Any recommendations on specifically which pedal(s)/amp modelers to get and how to arrange them?

The sound I'm referring to was popular with certain guitarists between around 1973 and 1976, then kind of disappeared or was toned down a lot towards the late 70's. Peter toned it down somewhat Frampton Comes Alive but it's more pronounced on many other live versions, including his most recent performances.

Other examples are Mick Taylor's solos in Time Waits for No One from 1973, and the Dead, Neil Schon (like on the 1st Journey album) and other SF bands in the early-mid 70's. Perhaps this new sound was the result of a specific brand of guitar pedal which hit the market? If so, does anyone know which one?

The ideal solution for me would be if there was a specific digital modeling pedal I could just buy. Ideally it would have preset for this exact sound (not a rough approximation) or I could easily customize it or download a patch. I doubt I could get it easily by just playing around with chorus pedals and amp models - my time is limited at the moment. OK, I'm kind of anal here, looking for the exact same effect. Perhaps vintage analog gear is required. Or perhaps the problem is simpler than I imagine. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!
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