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Guitar wiring problem

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So on my fender strat, which has Humbucker Singlecoil, Singlecoil, I decided to do something similar the one on his "Black strat 2.0" version.

To sum up: He uses push/pull pots to do Series and Parrallel, he also has a phase switch for the middle pick up.

The differences: I have a HSS, also I had an ON/ON/ON switch with the humbucker. Also I used switches (DPDT ON/ON) instead of the two push/poll pots. Besides that, I wired it exactly as the page states.

My problem: The two series/parrallel *AND* phase switch turn off the sound completely depending on the what setting the 5 way selector at (specificily the bridge, bridge+mid, mid turn off during series switch, Mid, Mid+neck, Neck turn off with parrallel switch). What am I doing wrong? I tried removing both phase switches, still the series/parrallel switches turn off the sound completely in some of the settings. I also tried using my two tones as series/parrallel benders, *STILL* they would turn off the sound completely in some locations.

To add: i have 2 texas specials, the bridge is a pearly gates. The guitar goes completely quiet when I turn the phase switch(bridge) whenever it is in position 5 or 4 (bridge or bridge+mid). Also the guitar goes quiet in position 3,4,5 when i turn the parrallel blender all the way up.

I have modified the previous schematic and will send it if it would help.
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Here is what I am basing it on:

Here is my modified version:

I have tried removing the phase switch, and the series and parrallel still cause the guitar to be totally quiet.
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I doubt anyone cares but I went to the deaf eddie diagram-> PLUS Bridge on switch PLUS Parrallel/Coil Tap/Series switch and I had the problems, but the solution was easy. Apparently the Humbucker bare wire *must* be wired with the Humbucker ground wire to the Parrallel/Tap/Series switch. I am able to get everyone tone he mentions in his chart. Now just have to add a phase switch or two :cool:
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