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Guns N' Roses 06/06/1992 Paris, France

This is a cool show!! This show featured Lenny Kravitz and Joe Perry & Steven Tyler from Aerosmith jammin on a few songs. Jeff Beck was actually suppose to join them on 'Locomotive' but couldnt make it due to falling ill earlier that day. The song was scratched from the setlist as well.. This show was on Pay Per View. So i am sure a video/dvd of this is out there as well....

its nice to be able to attach 5 files per post...

Here is the CD cover for this boot....

Timelength: 150 minutes
CD 1:
1. It's so easy
2. Mr. Brownstrone
3. Live and let die
4. Attitude
5. Bad obsession
6. Always on the run (w/ Lenny Kravitz)
7. Double talkin' jive
8. Civil war
9. Wild horses
10. Patience
11. You could be mine
12. November rain
CD 2:
13. Band introduction/Drum solo
14. Sweet child o' mine
15. Welcome to the jungle
16. Knockin' on heavens door
17. Mama kin (w/ Steven Tyler & Joe Perry)
18. Train kept a rolling (w/ Steven Tyler & Joe Perry)
19. Don't cry
20. Paradise city

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I have the 2 Disc DVD set of this tour but in Japan. It's very good for the music but Axl lost his voice very earlier into the show and he sounded god-awful. Still, a nice addition to my collection.

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"Sail away sweet sister, sail across the sea..."

I like how he just chooses to sing that.

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che voso soso de chile y me entendes jeje
lo ke podes hacer eso subir los archivos a una cuenta gmail o sea d esas cuentas de un giga
ahi publicas la contraseña y el nombre de usuarioo la gente entra y lo bajay no se acaba nunca
pero tenes ke encriptar el archivo para ke ningun forro loborre pero ni idea como hacerlo:S
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