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08.20.88 - Donington, England
Title: "Live At Castle Donington '88"
Source: Castle Donington Park, Donington, England. August 20th 1988
Sound Quality: B
Time: 44:03
Notes: Infamous Monsters Of Rock Festival where 2 fans die in the audience during GN'R's set. More footage for the 'Paradise City' video was shot at this show. Several times throughout the set, the band tells the crowd to take a step back because the audience is becoming too crowded. Axl's quote after 'Mr. Brownstone' is haunting – “Don't try to kill each other 'cuz we'd like to see you here again.”

1. It's So Easy (3:09)
2. Mr. Brownstone (4:15)
3. You're Crazy (5:40)
4. Band Introductions (1:45)
5. Paradise City (9:05)
6. Blues Jam (2:53)
7. Welcome To The Jungle (4:32)
8. Patience (6:20)
9. Sweet Child O' Mine (6:21)

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