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Guns N Roses -
The Horizon, Syracuse, NY;
October 31, 1987

On Halloween Night of 1987, a group of virtual unknowns calling themselves 'Guns N' Roses', blew the roof of a club calling itself 'The Horizon'in Syracuse, New York. For your listening pleasure, one of the last headlining club shows before the Gunners went on to become 'support band to the stars', and later, the world's number one rock band...

Halloween on the Horizon is one of the 'rarest of the rare' Guns N'Roses silver bootlegs, and it didn't come cheaply, so crank this mother for me!!

I would like it to be known that some jerk off is selling CDR copies of this performance under the title of "Bad Boys, Great Noise" complete with a trashy photocopy cover on Ebay. Please don't buy this inferior release. You are getting the best version for free, from me!

Give a Hoot! Don't pollute Ebay with burned media!!!

REQ: Any TESLA recordings! Especially audio from the Psychotic Supper and Bust A Nut tours. I do have all of the Tesla shows shared on EZT/DIME over the last 10 months, so I don't need any re-seeds. However, I am interested in all Tesla shows that were on STG at one time. In particular, there was one Tesla gig from 07-07-92 which was seeded on STG, that I would like to obtain. Thanks!!

Long live the Legend of Guns N' 'Roses!!

Milan 5-25-2005
Now trading DVDR boots for GN'R memorabilia!

Haloween On The Horizon [Silver] -> EAC [secure] -> WAV -> FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 [level8]
Total Size of torrent is 393MB


Setlist info obtained with permission, from the excellent website!

Manufactured: Toasted
Catalog: Condor 1993
Matrix CD: ?
Barcode: no
Released: 1989
Made in: Korea
Source: The Horizon, Syracuse, NY, USA. October 31st 1987
Complete show?: yes
Sound Quality:
Excellent audience recording.
Booklet & Packaging: great covers - Thick stock paper
Time CD: 1:06:14

1 - It's So Easy (3:52)
2 - Move To The City (3:24)
3 - Out Ta Get Me (4:55)
4 - Mr. Brownstone (3:53)
5 - My Michelle (5:00)
6 - Sweet Child O' Mine (6:27)
7 - Roquet Queen (6:11)
8 - Welcome To The Jungle (5:15)
9 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (7:14)
10 - You're Crazy (4:22)
11 - Paradise City (6:24)
12 - Mama Kin (4:04)
13 - Nightrain (5:13)

GnR - 1987-10-31 Syracuse, NY flac .rar - FileFactory

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