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Gawd Dammit! ;) I am always a little late 'round here. Just two nights ago, my lady and I were watching our newly purchased DVD, Shrek 2, and I heard this song which reminded me of how much I loved it when i heard it in the first Shrek movie. I immediately felt inspired that this song was one I needed to learn and record fairly soon. So, I totally relate to your song choice. :thumbup: It's a powerful tune.

VanMan, these were some goosebump-inducing vocals. Very smooth, controlled and professional-sounding, but with emotion. Quite a departure from my other favorite post from you ("Hell Bent for Leather" with Riff Addict), but it is impressive that you can handle that much of a dynamics shift.

Mickey, this is not one of your more technically jazzy tunes, but played clean and smoothly and with feel. I liked the tone you chose for this particular tune. Like VanMan, this also demonstrates versatility in style. This is one of those recordings that I'll play for my other musician buddies. Great job guys.
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