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Hatfield And The North
Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge, England
10 May 1974

source: aud > mono portable Sony recorder > dat > cdr > eac > wav > flac > wav > flac
transfer: Sony TCK 611 S > Tascam DA20 @ 44.1 kHz > Pioneer PDR 609 > cdr

taper Simon Shepherd who transferred to cdr (after some nagging by MB)

disc 1
Lol Coxhill (saxophone) & Steve Miller (keyboard) (support)

01 equipment problems
02 ???

Hatfield and the North
set 1

03 tuning
04 Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut (loud)
05 Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)
06 Shaving Is Boring
07 Licks For The Ladies
08 Bossa Nochance
09 Big Jobs No.2 (by Poo and the Wee Wees)
10 improv ?
11 tone generator improv
12 improv > Gigantic Land Crabs In Earth Takeover Bid

disc 2
set 2 *

01 tuning
02 Fol de Rol
03 Going Up To People And Tinkling
04 Calyx
05 Son Of "There's No Place Like Homerton"
06 Aigrette
07 Rifferama

1st encore
08 Lobster In Cleavage Probe
09 Your Majesty Is Like A Cream Donut

2nd encore
10 The Laughing Policeman

* (augmented by Robert Wyatt, Alan Gowen, Steve Miller, Lol Coxhill, Lyn Dobson, Jimmy Hastings, Jeremy Baines & The Northettes)


- volume in right channel boosted by approximately 5 decibels throughout, apart from a couple of small sections where it was a little less or more
- a significant number of clicks have been removed from the Lol Coxhill & Steve Miller set. The Hatfield's sets were relatively clean (apart from noises where the mic was moved or knocked), only a few clicks have been removed
- the Hatfield's set 2 and the encore were sent to me as three files. There were fades in and out. I've cross-faded to smooth the transitions.
- light noise and hiss reduction applied throughout
- polished with iZotope Ozone


Here's what Simon had to say about his recording gear "It was a shitty little plastic mic into a mono portable Sony, one of the ones about the size of a brick."

All things considered, he got a remarkably good recording.

Thanks to Simon for capturing this show. Thanks also to Martin Bloomfield for being persistent, getting the disc to me and putting the setlist together.

re-mastered, tracked & flac'd
January 2005
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