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Hawkwind: Ramsgate, Marina Park 28th May 1984

Audience - Good sound quality.

Musicians: Dave Brock, Clive Deamer, Harvey Bainbridge, Nik Turner, Huw Lloyd Langton, Dead Fred,
Guest: Bob Calvert.(for entire set)

Recorded using an Awia recording walkman and an external stereo mic satge centre about 10 yards from the front.
Parts 1 & 2 on a TDK AD-X C90 tape. Part 3 on a TDK SA C90 tape. Dolby out. There were two short one sided drop outs during The Right stuff I patched them using Adobe Audition 2.
Other than that I have only normalised except on loud crowed noise where I applied a bit of hard limiting. No other processing was done on the music.

Well what can I say about this show apart from Wow!! A true classic and I am so glad I was there.
Of course the total highlight was Bob Calvert back with Hawkwind. He had a WASP synth and some sort of electronic percussion too.
This show was amazingly in the car park of Ramsgate Marina, with the stage set up just in front of the White Cliffs
which were used as the most giant projection screen ever, the stars were out in the summer sky and the sea just a few yards behind our backs, a truely cosmic experience.
The whole event seemed to galvanise the band and they had a really great time, Bob And Dave have
a bit of a laugh during Motorway City as Bob sings 'Shot Down in the Day' as the others sing 'night'.
Truley fantastic to see Bob with the Hawks again and makes us think if they had so much fun here, what could have been.
Long may he fly in our memories.

My Original Master Casettes > My PC > This Flac

Enjoy this piece of true Hawkwind Celestial majik.

Disc 1
Coded Languages; 06:25
Angels Of Death; 06:41
Dragons And Fables; 04:40
Watching The Grass Grow; 05:56
Ghost Dance; 06:02
Born To Go; >
Paranoia; 07:23
Ten Seconds Of Forever; >
Waiting For Tomorrow; 08:51

Disc 2
Utopia; >
Motorway City; 11:00
Ejection; >
Uncle Sam's On Mars; 10:00
Brainstorm; >
Sonic Attack; >
Dust Of Time; >
Brainstorm; 17:27
-- Encore
Right Stuff; 08:43
Spirit Of The Age; 07:22
Silver Machine 07:03


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thank you so much for this ...i was there that night and my mates band won the battle of the bands before hawkwind went on ..awesome !!
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