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Heart -
Fort Worth, TX
April 3, 1980

Lineage: FM>2nd Gen Cassette>Wav>Flac

Disc 1
01-Babe Le Strange
02-Crazy on You
03-Straight On
04-Even it Up
05-Raised on You
06-Strange Night
07-Dog & Butterfly
08-Dreamboat Annie(Reprise)
10-Down On You
11-Mistral Wind

Disc 2
01-Silver Wheels
03-Magic Man
05-Rockin' Heaven Down
06-Rock & Roll
07-Sweet Darlin'
08-I'm Down>Long Tall Sally
09-Unchained Melody

Ann Wilson-Vocals,Flute
Nancy Wilson-Guitars
Howard Leese-Guitars
Steve Fossen-Bass
Michael Derosier-Drums

Do Not Sell Only Covert to MP3 for private Use

01-Bebe La Strange.flac:fa74719d258ac45741837125e3b04d65
02-Crazy On You.flac:35ec47065ed9edadd1e319568cbf9159
03-Straight On.flac:c23d7c2663ec5d6d4550268e80834873
04-Even it Up.flac:1965d3718a75c3b6b6e9380aae58e164
05-Raised on You.flac:b7bd5fd0c7cc03061ad8de901205745d
06-Strange Night.flac:11d25432da96faf3018f66c12b5067fb
07-Dog and Butterfly.flac:eb43551ade4c5d8c0cb7bbfe29524394
08-Dreamboat Annie(Reprise).flac:1b6d23f45807f68334108abdb983826c
09-Just the Wine.flac:e0938907c2ad499f2e9bb117ce94d7e6
10-Down On You.flac:4545d8c63895eeb952bc203ce6651a0a
11-Mistral Wind.flac:a01f2c37e902534780f6a49cded7225b

01-Silver Wheels.flac:5828881086be7e4fa29b29b50fa43559
03-Magic Man.flac:bbd1c417854335933f90acec39fec0f8
05-Rockin' Heaven Down.flac:7b2e98d1acf0af0574ae0d4d9e5260d0
06-Rock & Roll.flac:dddf88191ee59daad2b2b9371d312a7e
07-Sweet Darlin'.flac:e5cd41a4c3cbdc1d170eb2f80369c874
08-I'm Down~Long Tall Sally.flac:360d6f3b150e82fedac2a9d97b356773
09-Unchained Melody.flac:07f5299c56434da9d4f1912eb8117683

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