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The Devil You Know - South American Tour 2009
Saturday, May 16th, 2009 (2nd night)
Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Recording, mastering and seeding by dan_maiden

Gear: Church Audio STC-11 Cardioids > Church Audio BAT-2B Battery Box > iRiver H320 (Rockboxed)
Location: Row F, Seat 223 (superior seats)


01. E5150
02. The Mob Rules
03. Children Of The Sea
04. I
05. Bible Black
06. Time Machine
07. Drum Solo
08. Fear
09. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
10. Follow The Tears
11. Die Young
12. Heaven And Hell*
13. Country Girl / Neon Knights (encore)*

Note #1:

My iRiver battery is dying, so it didn't last the whole show. Thats why track 12 fades out and the encore is missing.

Note #2:

It seems H&H had some sound problems the night before, so the sound guy had the brilliant idea to do the mix 'on-the-fly', so, for example, when Iommi was going to solo, he would raise up the guitar volume, and some stuff like that. So the vocals are really loud, guitars are quiet in some places, kick drum is inaudible, etc. The recording is quite good and clear (despite some chatting every now and then), unfortunately there's nothing I can do about the bad mix.

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