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Rack Type Guitar Rigs

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself...I am 38 and have played guitar since the age of 16, however I think I have learned the most in the last 8 years...(more patience)...Currently I play I USA Strat, and Peavey Wolfgang Special through my Fender Cyber Twin...I am exploring the possbility of a one man band to play at local clubs,festivals, etc...This brings me to the following question....

Does anyone know of a good website, magazine, etc, where I could get information on differnent rack type guitar rigs? I would like to see what others are using for this type of one man gigging...Any info is appreciated...

Many thanks!

edit from EJ: Welcome Ron. I generally don't edit other posts, but that title wasn't going to get you anywhere for what you are looking for.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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