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****Posted by Hybrid196 on :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 ****

Original info below. Thanks to the original uploader! Sound is a bit distant, slightly muffled, and there is a subtle hiss, but listenable, if you already know the songs.


A Little Time in Miskolc

Venue: Egytemi Sportsarnok
City: Miskolc
Country: Hungary
Date: August 22, 1987


Source: Audience
Taper: Unknown
Covers: Front - Back

Disc 1

01- Intro
02- Initiation
03- I'm Alive
04- Judas
05- A Little Time
06- You Always Walk Alone *
07- Future World
08- Twilight of the Gods
09- A Tale That Wasn't Right

Disc 2

01- Drum Solo
02- Heavy Metal (is the Law) **
03- Halloween
04- Follow the Sign
05- Ride the Sky
06- How Many Tears

One of including "heavy metal is the law" from helloween bootlegs from part 1 tour (27-04-1987 bochum germany)

technical problems happened before Halloween so ingo played drum solo about 7 minutes.

Actually this time kiske handled whole song(heavy metal) without any help of kai hansen like in bochum gig.

This bootleg is including heavy metal is the law , what could have made this bootleg more precious ?


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