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Posted by Hybrid196 on dime. Thanks to him. The last show with Kai before he left Helloween in 1988. And was replaced by Roland Grapow, with whom the band completed the Pumpkins Fly Free tour in 1989. Some of those shows are available here too. Amazing setlist with having fun and jamming. And it even has Ride The Sky with Kiske, which was rarely played after the Seven Keys tour 1987.
Notes from original poster:

Venue: Hummingbird
City: Birmingham
Country: England, UK
Date: 1988-11-08
Bootleg name: Birmingham 1988
Tour: Pumpkin Fly Free Tour 1988
Artwork: Included (1st edition & 2nd)

Taper: Unknown
Lineage: CD-R (Trade) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 5 > FLAC

HELLOWEEN line-up:

Michael Kiske - Vocals
Kai Hansen - Guitar
Michael Weikath - Guitar
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg - Drums


02.Invitation & Eagle Fly Free
03.A Little Time
04.Dr. Stein
05.March Of Time
06.Future World
07.Rise And Fall
08.You Always Walk Alone
09.A Tale That Wasn't Right


01.Follow The Sign
02.Keeper Of The Seven Keys
03.I'm Alive
04.Blue Suede Shoes
05.Ride The Sky
07.Livin' Ain't Not Crime
08.I Want Out
09.How Many Tears

QUALITY: Very Good 8'5/10

Comments: Another amazing recording of HELLOWEEN golden years and the Pumpkin Fly Free Tour 1988. This is the last show with Kai Hansen.
In the cover of the first edition there is a mistake with the date, the real date is 1988-11-08 not 11-02. Thanks to Michael Kiske Official Fanclub to share the covers and information like always.
They played live Presley's cover "Blue Suede Shoes" also a nice jamming... Ride The Sky sounds killer!

Gabrielle (gabricis)
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