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hello everybody, i came on this forum by looking for helloween boots

i found a great deal of boots here, therefore i thank you all
however i'm still looking for some special boots:

1994-11-02 Master of Paris
2006-02-08 The Legacy of Milan
2003-11-15 The Rabbit Came out in San Sebastian
1993-09-15 Music at Melody (Stockholm)
2003-10-20 Rabbit, Don't Come to London
2003-09-13 Hundreds all Around (São Paulo)
2004-06-10 Sweden Rock Festival
2005-12-11 Heavy X-Mas (Paris)
2001-02-06 Japanese Power (Tokyo)
1998-05-12/1998-04-26 French Pumpkin Soup
1994-06-12 Live at Kulturbolaget
2001 Live for your Pain
1986 Live (with Ralph Scheepers)???
1986-1998 Keeper lost the Three Keys
1999-12-12 Live in Brasil
2004-01-16 Seven Keys to NY
2005-12 The Keepers in Paris
2005-03-05 Time Flys (Nagoya, Japan)
1987-11-30 Live in Osaka
1992-05-14 Heavy Metal Pumpkins (Germany)
2004-01-27 Dead Rabbits (San Fransisco)
2001-08-08 Mexico City
1998-06-23 Tokyo
2001-03-08 Perfect Pumpkin
2001-03-10 Direct to Armageddon (Tokyo)
1998-06-19 Pumpkin Raw
1996-08-13 Live in Spain
1998-09-23 Better than Hellsinki
2003-09-13 Via Funchal, São Paulo
1996-08-31 En Vivo en Obras (Argentina)
2003-11-13 Valencia
2004-02-05 Synthetic Anger (Tokyo)
1987-08-15 Giant Pumpkin (Finland)
2004-07-06 Metal Melting Summit Festival (croatia)
1998-05-16 Brixton Academy
2001-09-06 Sweden Rock Festival
2001-03-03 Burn in your Flame
1986-1989 Don't Party With Me
1998-05-05 Better Live (Milan)
1985 Live in Bochum

The Belgian Ones:
1986 Live in Zottegem
1986 Live in Gang (Gent - Ghent)
1987 Live in Dendermonde
1988 Live in Brussels
1996 Live in Vosselaar
1998 Live in Leuven (Brabanthal)
2003 Live in Hof-ter-Loo Antwerp (i was there)
2006 Live in Hof-ter-Loo Antwerp (i was there)
2008 Live in Hof-ter-Loo Antwerp (i was there)

And Blind Guardian: A Majesty in the Myth (Antwerp 30-09-2006)

I thank you at avance, i know it's much but i would be very thankful

i hope one day i will be able to post some boots myself

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I will upload some in the next days (weeks):

04/05/87 BERLIN, GER Metropol
04/09/87 MANNHEIM, GER Kulturhaus
09/29/92 URAWA, JAP Bunka Center
11/02/94 PARIS, FRA Arapaho
08/31/96 BUENOS AIRES, ARG Obras Sanitarias
05/10/98 DUSSELDORF, GER Phillipshalle
09/12/03 CURTIBA, BRA Moinho Sao Roque
01/16/04 FARMINGDALE, NY The Downtown

I also have other that you asked, I'll do what I can, I could upload a few others after these.

Have you checked this board? There are a lot of Helloween boots here and there!

And you can take take off the Germany '86 show with Ralph Scheepers from your list because DOESN'T EXIST so far an Helloween bootleg with Scheepers... it's only a myth! :D

....then, I hope I will NEVER see "The Legacy Of Milan" here, coz, you know, I taped it.. I would prefer to keep it on lossless audio CD.
But if one day it should surface as know, it's part of the game! :icon_roll

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thank so far,
and yes I have checked this forum out, it's great for a new starter like myself to get some bootlegs, it's how i got here.

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