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Hi Guys-

I really am in the market for a 2nd Guitar and the Ibanez RG550 model with Maple neck is what I am looking for. I need information on how to look up the years on these guitars-
I do not want a new one, I want an older model late 80's to very early 90's and the condition of the body is not that big of a deal to me-
I would appreciate if anyone knows also of a website I could visit to look up the serial numbers when I come accross one-
I have found a nice Ibanez USA Custom RG maple Jem RG550 RG but not sure of what year..
Infact, I did not even know they made them in USA-

I would prefere USA made. Is this the older model, this Ibanez USA Custom RG maple Jem RG550 RG?
I found it on the ebay..
Thank you very much anyone for any help offered- when I do a Google search it is way too much bs to dig thru and I can not find my search list I need on exact info about the Guitars or Ibanez stuff.
I can also be contacted at
Maybe one of you guys has one out there for sale?
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