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Herbie Hancock - 1972-03-18 - Baden, CH
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Herbie Hancock with Mwandishi
Baden Switzerland

FM recording > TRADE CD > dB POWER> TRADERS LITTLE HELPER> flac (level 8) >Adobe Audition 2.0 (see below) > FLAC

Herbie Hancock (p, ky)
Julian Priester (tb)
Eddie Henderson (tp)
Bennie Maupin (ts, bcl, fl)
Buster Williams (b)
Billy Hart (d)

01 FM intro (0:24)
02 You'll Know When You Get There (24:40)
03 Toys (22:30)

01 Water Torture (26:09)
02 Firewater (13:10)
03 Maiden Voyage (13:52)

-several compositions were spread across two or more tracks
-a 2-second fragment of drum roll occurred on d2t04, apparently unconnected to anything around it
-d2t06 contained a portion of "Maiden Voyage" that abruptly cut off around 8:15 continuous with the rest of the recording
-d2t07 was a repeat of the same performance of "Maiden Voyage" apparently from an alternate source, at a slower speed, with stereo channels reversed, and with a higher level of noise, but which nonetheless contained the complete performance of the song.

So I have done the following:
-eliminated d2t04 to preserve continuity
-d2t07: waveform centered; left & right channels swapped, and entire track compressed (lengthwise) to 94.5% of original speed, and volume reduced by -0.6dB to match primary source (d2t06); spliced in the last 6~ minutes of the piece to original source (d2t06) at ~8:10.
-Entire show retracked so that continuous pieces are contained within one track


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