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*Recorded and posted by goody *

I hope to have the opening set by Esperanza Spalding and Leo Genovese worked up to present for you soon as well, but there's no reason not to post the headliner here now so...

Wish I could've taken you all with me - this was lots of fun and a great night out in Covid times (still Delta I believe, pre-Omicron, to be more specific.) But it was just myself and grner1, in town for a visit and to pick up some repaired and tuned up decks nearby - first some of LA's finest falafel at Amir's and then on to the Bowl.

I hadn't planned on recording. But we all have recorders in our pockets these days, whatever the quality. That evening, mine was just a mono Motorola phone with OK specs but nothing special, hence the ad hoc nature of this. I was hoping I wasn't going to be the only one archiving this wonderful event. I was hoping that someone with much better gear and recording location would have made this recording unnecessary. I was hoping that if I happened to be the only one in the place doing this, that I'd at least have gotten a good recording of it to share, as it was such a great evening of amazing music, perfect weather and hanging out in a great crowd of socially distanced 'friends'.

I did have to work the basic recording quite a bit in order to get it to sound this decent and listenable. But see what you think...

Oh - and do make sure to check out the short YouTube in the link below. It's not from this recording, but it's from this show and is a must see!

Yer PervFesser


Herbie Hancock
The Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, CA, USA
September 26, 2021

Recorded by Professor Goody for VIP (Village Idiot Productions)

Motorola G5S Plus > Smart Recorder > USB Transfer to PC > Audition (Levels, EQ, Tracking) >
TLH (Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp) > foobar2000 (tags)

Herbie Hancock - piano, keyboards, keytar, vocoder
Lionel Loueke - guitars, vocals, vocoder
Elena Ayodele Pinderhughes - flute, lead vocals
James Genus - bass
Justin Tyson - drums

*Special Guests:
DOMi - keyboards
JD Beck - drums

Suggested split if burning to audio discs - between tracks 07 and 08

01 HH Intro 3:20
02 Overture (feat. 'Textures', 'Butterfly', 'Chameleon', and 'Rockit', etc.) 16:39
03 Happy Birthday to HH's wife Gigi (feat. their grandson Drew)+ 5:13
04 Actual Proof 11:27
05 Breathe In, Breathe Out 6:20
06 Come Running To Me 13:00
07 Secret Source 14:12
08 Unknown Title 6:30
09 Cantaloupe Island 6:40
10 Introductions 1:19
11 Chameleon* 7:54
Total Runtime: 1:32:34


Covers by ethiessen1 (Thanks!)
Photos by grner1 & others (Thanks too!)
This edition - January 16, 2022



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