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no drummer yet...I play banjo - guitar - or piano and sing - I'm learning leads - I have a rythmn guitar BUT he is married to the female bass player (very bad)...dont allow it...they have the power of two - always

But here's my & rythmn guitar do not drink...prefer the herbal method...bass guitar drinks - alot...Rum...starts out ok but as the night goes on she turns volume up and loses timing and's a mess - when we ask her to turn down she gets mad and beligerant...sometimes turning up louder...I've ended jams early because of it...

Last time (about 5 weeks ago) I told rythmn guitar I wasnt going allow booze at the jam- rythmn agrees....but has since told bass I have made this new rule...I am now the bad guy - he doesnt want to start any now they havent called me since......fine...he has to live with it not me

anybody else deal with this crap....? - NEVER NEVER allow a romantic relationship within a is trouble....everytime
1 - 3 of 3 Posts