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Whether he’s rocking with Van Halen (currently touring the U.S.) or his own with his smokin’ solo band, Famous Monster Sammy Hagar is certainly one of the hardest working and busiest artists in the music industry. Recently, The Monster caught up with The Red Rocker to see what’s shakin’. Here’s what went down....

Monster: So we're here with Sammy Hagar.
Sammy: How you doin'?
Monster: How are you?
Sammy: I'm jammin' that's how I am.
Monster: So we have a lot of people who come to the Famous Monster website and want to know what the Famous Monsters are up to. You're a Famous Monster so if you could tell the people out there what you would be up to for the next few months and what they could look forward to.
Sammy: In Oct. at Cobowabo for my birthday bash. Oct. 5- 15th
Monster: Any surprises in the set list for the beginning of the tour?
Sammy: Yeah
Monster: New stuff
Sammy: We got three new songs. Three great great new songs, but the surprises will be the fact we're back together playing the old stuff.
Monster: You use Monster in the studio and on stage.
Sammy: Yeah, the first time I got turned onto Monster Cable was back when I was doing, I think it was the "Red Voodoo" record, and some engineer hire came in with all this Monster Cable and said oh no no man this is the only way I go we'd done a couple records in my studio and used to things sounding a certain kind of way and this guy rewired everything with Monster Cable the mikes, our guitars the speaker cords, you know everything and man it was like it was awesome, and I've never changed since then. I'm a cord guy, I don't use wireless even on stage I use a wireless mike, but my guitars are straight into the amp. I don't even use a pedal chord in between folks, and the idea of having a cord that really carries all the top and the bottom and all the points in between is awesome I hear the difference in a second if my cord breaks, have to stick a temporary cord in there, I'm goin' aaaahhhh the sound goes smaller. The way I describe it is you just get more sound it's almost like everything's hotter. It feels like your guitar pick ups are all of a sudden workin' right. The difference when you don't have Monster to me is a difference between a cord and wireless, I don't like wireless. To me instantly the wireless just seems to me everything just kind of goes [crashing] like something's wrong, something's not quiet puttin' out what it should be your volume is three-quarters open, you gotta change everything. With my normal tone that I get with a wireless or a regular cord, the tone, I could set it up on my amps where I say ok, 'this is as good as it's gonna get' put a Monster in there and it's better without touching anything that's all I could tell ya. For me that's the shit. More sustain, more tone, less noise all of it's good. Less noise is a good thing that's why I don't like wireless your always getting some interference and it just takes and whacks your sound in half, three quarters you know, and Monster to me is like having 100% of what sound you got. It's plain and simple. I think cable is the most important thing. I was talking with Herbie Herbert he's the manager of Journey, through their whole career, and Neil Shoen's always been a great guitar player, great friend, one of those guys changes his amp everyday always looking for a different guitar, always looking for a different wireless amp, etc. and Herbie, Herbie Herbert just said this to me at the Seal concert last week. I was with Herbie and Neil and Herbie's asking me what kind of equipment I'm using now, and I say 'hey you know me I use a guitar, a cord, and an amp that's my equipment' and Herbie goes I always told Neil the best piece of gear you could ever buy would be a good ____ cable, and that's what Monster Cable is you know, it's the best cable and it all starts right there. Like I said you could have the best amp in the world, best guitar but a lousy cord in between it or a lousy wireless system, your done. You're gonna be fightin' it. You're wrestlin' your guitar trying to get the sound out of it. Plug in a good cable folks. Very simple. It's a good place to start.
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