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(Written with inspiration from news of the fate of John Lennon, whom also shares my daughters birthday)

High Society

In times of pleasure
A search for buried treasure
Is sustained until the end
When your obsessed
You'll find the crest
around another bend

Nothing definite and
Twice the same and
They tell you how to act
A free society
A bond of originality
A corrupt and faithless pact

High Society 'till the end
A free spirit
And he's dancing in the wind
Infinite life or infinite death
The choice of freedom
Of a freedom that never rests
Yeah freedom never rests

Don't look back 'cause
It's too late now
Was this the right way out?
With all mans' fears
All men from year to year
And to realize what it's all about

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good stuff again bones :thumb:

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thanks for the inspiring words...

would you like to hear the music and melody?
I just installed Pro-tools at home, and with that and my tripleDAT, I could whip out an accoustic version rather easily. (that's how it was written as well). I just talked to my bassist tonight as we finally upgraded the studio to digi 2 and Purchased 3 more digi 1's so 4 of us took digi 1's home to enhance our remote recording capabilities. A friend also just bought a local dudes HD and he is on digi 1 as well, so, I'm hoping to check it out and see if it is all that. My bassist and I do many duet / accoustic numbers, (we've been friends/musicians since 1st grade, and I'm going to lay it down on guitar, send it to him, and have him sing, maybe bass too if he's set up yet. Give me a few days. We'll use this as our first remote effort. With the high speed internet we just purchased at the studio, I think we could overdub in real time from all 4 locations now. if I could only spend every awake moment doing this, (well , with exception to procreate of course)
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