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Hey all. I am posting this in case someone needs the info as I did. I could not find any info on the net for the wiring. This is for the mini humbuckers that come stock on the Hofner Colorama Customs that are all over ebay currently. These are the mini humbucker Diamond copy pickups from china. I am not sure if the vintage Schaller one's have the same color coding. The current Colorama's being sold all have P90's in them....I believe these mini's I am referring to were built around 2005. Anyway, my Colorama was a wiring nightmare thanks to the previous owner.

This is what worked for mine:
Brown + White = Solder together and tape off
Green + Screen wire = Solder to ground
Yellow wire = Hot
**If the pups are out of phase together, reverse the yellow and green wires on ONE of them.***

I hope this helps someone!!
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