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monitor speakers are designed to give a flat response and can be very unforgiving for generic pc sounds. you won't damage them though. I got a cheap pair of Behringer MS16's and a Behringer Eurorack 1002 mixer. this set me back about $120 in your currency. Any 24/96 soundcard can be used to get great results and there are some pretty good bargains around at the moment. I have a terratec dmx 6fire because it was pretty cheap and has a front breakout box. but with even an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 or a E-MU 0404 card you are going to get good results for little outlay.

My advice is start small - it will meet your needs for a good while. My friend has built a studio the around the same time as I did. He spent over $8,000, I spent $600. I have already recorded enough originals to fill a cd and he has yet to even figure out how to get a good vocal sound. And he is still spending. :lol:

Your software is more than up to the job BTW.

One more thing to bear in mind is most pro soundcards do not have midi wave tables on them. if you use midi and don't have a dedicated unit you might want to invesigate getting a few gm softsynths.
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