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How can you differentiate between the various Fender Strat models?

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Hey guys. There are so many kinds of Fender Strats out there. There’s the Standard Strat, the American Standard Strat, the American Vintage Strat, the American Deluxe Strat, and the Deluxe Strat. I’m sure there are others.

So how could I physically tell the difference between all those different models?

If see a guitarist playing a Fender Strat on stage or in a music video, how can I determine exactly what model it is? What features should I pick out in order to distinguish one Strat model from another? What features are dead giveaways? What aspects on the body and headstock should I look for?

I’ve studied the Fender Stratocaster website, but those Strat models all look the same to me. And each series has the ubiquitous black body/white plate selection.

Can any of you guys help?
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