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The unmistakable voice of The Stranglers performing the bands' 2nd album in it's entirety. Elastica were sued in 1995 by The Stranglers, who accused them of plagiarism with their song 'Waking Up'. It's so obvious they nicked the tune from No More Heroes. The ironic thing is...the version played here doesn't have the keyboard accompaniment, and sounds remarkably like the Elastica couldn't make this shit up. Anyway, enjoy this.

Hugh Cornwell
Manchester University
Manchester UK
12th October 2012

I feel like a wog
dead ringer
Dagenham Dave***
bring on the nubiles
something better change
no more heroes
peasant in the big shitty
burning up time
English towns
school mam
[band intros]
strange little girl
going to the city
nice n' sleazy.

*** Dagenham Dave was a Stranglers 'superfan' from first seeing them in 1976. He followed them everywhere and eventually became mates with the band. He was even in the studio whilst they recorded their first album. When his marriage broke down, on the 9th February 1977, Dave took his own life by jumping of London's Tower Bridge into the River Thames. Such a sad end to one's life.

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Elastica were sued in 1995 by The Stranglers because of one song intro. But in those days Elastica was a great band, while the Stranglers were… forget it. I give all the 1990's Stranglers albums for one Elastica single.
I was expecting much more from JJ Burnel after Hugh left the band, but for some mysterious reason, he never made it, and the Stranglers became a kind of own tribute band. A couple of good new songs and that's all. :icon_frow

Talking about the Stranglers, I recently found a very old November 15, 1975 Melody Maker issue, announcing the Stranglers in some tiny places, possibly pubs, like : The New River Arms, Cheshunt, The Knob Railway Inn, Redhill, and the Royal Stouthton, Guildford !!! The Redhill gig could be the show where was recorded the Princess Of The Streets early version that appears on the "Early years - 74-75-76 rare live & unreleased" album. I wish we could get the whole tape one of these days. :yumyum:

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yeah, the last Hugh-era Stranglers album was shit and everything since has been bollocks. They're lucky they have a solid fanbase...not many bands could pull that off. Fuck knows how The Undertones and Dead Kennedys are managing it...their vocalists were the essence of those groups...same as Hugh Cornwell...that's just my opinion
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