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I've been playing my RI '62 Jaguar for almost a year now, and I love the way it plays. The short scale is something I find something that was missing from my Strat.

The only thing is it's a bit twangy. Now I know that's the Jag's thing, but I need a bit more 'kick' to my sound. Another problem is that I LOVE the clean tone of my Jag.

So, do I keep the current pickups. Route the guitar for a full sized humbucker, or get something along the lines of either a Mini-Humbucker or a single coil sized humbucker.

I was thinking, however, it might be able, if I put a full sized humbucker, to change the volume knob so I can push-pull on in it so I can turn the humbucker in to a single coil (I think that's called coil-tapping, not positive, please correct me if I'm wrong).

So, any of your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

oh man the tonal possibilities could fit some duncan hotrails in the single coil spaces without have to cut anything. heres a link:

scroll down and they are on the second chart...

the pot thing you were talking about is called coil splitting. the hotrails can be split too. so you can still get a single coil type sound from it. if im thinking about the same jaguar('62), you already have 6 switches. so you dont have to get a push pull pot. just utilize your existing switches for what ever combo setup you want. although... that will be a tough wiring job.:scif890: but the combinations you would have would be endless.:D
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