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On July 23rd a new tour began (Tour number 20). Elvis traveled without his entourage, only Charlie Hogde followed him. From this tour we have three soundboard-bootlegs. The evening concert in Charleston on July 24th was released on a bootleg called Hurt. This concert can be described as boring. Elvis must have been bored to death in this period; at least this is the impression he left the audience. That said, 'See See Rider' is a good delivery!
Charleston, July 24 1976, E. S.

Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider
I Got A Woman/Amen
Love Me
If You Love Me
You Gave Me A Mountain
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel
And I Love You So
Jailhouse Rock
Love Letters
School Days
Hurt (reprise)
Hound Dog
Funny How Times Slip Away
Can't Help Falling In Love

Content: 3 Sound: 3+ Artwork: 3

Hurt (Sunset) [July 24, 1976, Charleston, WV (Evening Show)]

an incomplete soundboard recording of rather poor sound quality;
18 tracks in total, with (strangely) "I Got A Woman" and "Amen" being two separate tracks;
"Hurt" is the first ever bootleg CD featuring a soundboard recorded show;
many copies of "Hurt" has suffered from the so-called CD-rot making them unplayable after several years (luckily the copy used to write this articles still plays fine);
the front cover of "Hurt" indicates the CD features the June 28, 1976 Hartford, CT performance, the back cover and disc read it's the June 27, Largo, MD show, whereas in reality the concert featured on the disc is the July 24, Charleston, WV evening show from a different tour;
the majority of the Hartford show (an incomplete soundboard recording) was released on "Across The Country Vol. 1" (Audionics), while an audience recording of the afternoon show from Largo on June 27 can be found on "Beltway To Largo" (Teen Ager Records);
basic artwork and design featuring a four-page booklet featuring two concert pictures of Elvis and one candid shot of him boarding a plane in 1974.
Running time: 49 min. 56 sec.

Charleston Rocks (Memory Records) [July 24, 1976, Charleston, WV (Evening Show)]

an incomplete soundboard recording of an average sound quality;
the audio quality, though still far from perfect, is quite significantly improved when compared to Sunset's "Hurt";
a different / better source tape was used for "Charleston Rocks" (as is claimed in the liner notes);
no missing parts are filled and so the running time of the show is the same as on "Hurt";
30 tracks in total, with the tracks 01-20 being the Charleston show, and the rest the bonus cuts (as recorded at various 1976 dates both on tour, in Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas);
the bonus tracks are all previously released on bootleg except for an audience recording of "I Just Can't Help Believin'" caught on tape on Dec. 2, 1976 during the opening show of the final Las Vegas season (now the complete show can be heard on Straight Arrow's "The Last Vegas Opening Night");
the CD makes Memory Records' second and final soundboard recording release, with the first one having been "In Dreams Of Yesterday" (featuring the June 28, 1974 Milwaukee, WI evening performance);
decent design and artwork featuring a picture disc and a four-page booklet including an essay by Arjan Deelen.
Running time: 78 min. 15 sec.
The Charleston Show: 49 min. 58 sec.

General comments:

"Fever" is incomplete on both releases (it runs for 2:09 and the ending is missing);
the introduction are very incomplete and start with Elvis introducing David Briggs;
the only other members of the group that we get to hear being introduced by Elvis are Charlie Hodge and Joe Guercio (plus his orchestra);
all the band members' solos are missing, except for David Briggs' electric piano one;
"America The Beautiful" and "Early Morning Rain" (being part of the introductions) are both missing, too;
the closing vamp is complete and followed by the 'Elvis has left the building' and 'get your super Elvis souvenirs' announcements;
the show itself is an average summer of 1976 performance, with Elvis in good and playful, joking mood, yet not being able to deliver his best vocally.


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I have to agree...

Although - I looked for this one forever (Had it put away)... and thought I'd share it.

At least it's an addition to a collection... Not a best of... But still worth a listen :)
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