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The Most Bootlegged Husker Du Live Recording Available

Husker Du - Lyndale's Burning
The First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 28th August 1985.

1.Flip Your Wig.
2.Every Everything.
3.Makes No Sense At All.
4.Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill.
5.I Apologize.
6.If I Told You.
7.Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely.
8.I Don't Know For Sure.
9.Terms Of Psychic Warfare.
11.Books About UFOs.
12.Hardly Getting Over It.
13.Sorry Somehow.
14.(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care.
15.Green Eyes.
16.Divide And Conquer.

Total Playing Time 50:17

MP3 320kbps
Good Sound Quality

File Size 115 MB
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