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Easy fix's Ulny

Your fretboard can easily be cleaned. If its really gunky use a high alcohol content cleaner or straight rubbing alcohol with a non abrasive cloth. Make sure once its clean you use Lemon oil to moisturize the fretboard to keep it stable. see this thread for more info cleaning your fretboard

Since I dont have your guitar in hand, its really hard to say what it needs on the floyd. I would suggest taking it to a reputable shop and have it set up. Springs are cheap and a good pro setup is usually less than $50 bucks.
Have them remove the remnants of the whammy bar while they are there. Whammy bar is usually around $8-$11 bucks or so. The retainer for it if its damaged is only a $10 dollar part.

Paint is a cosmetic issue and matching can be a trick. Finding someone to do that will be the hardest part.

So for about $70 bucks or so and a little elbow grease,you can have your Jackson as good as new.
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