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Hey all, I'm thinking of getting my '94 Jackson Concept spruced up for Christmas and I'm wondering how much its going to run me (in American dollars). You see, it has a few problems including:

1. The fretboard is all gunky and needs a good cleaning. I tried using olive oil on it but that didnt help too much.

2. The action was too high on my guitar so I figured if I took out of the big springs in the back and screwed the little nuts down by the whammy bar I could lower it. So I proceeded to do this (I have since lost the spring). While my action is lowered, my intonation is screwed.

3. Noone ever really taught me how to change the strings when you have a floyd rose, so I just kinda jam a screwdriver underneath that metal plate where the strings lock into so I can unscrew the nuts (I said nuts heh heh heh). This has kinda scratched up the body of my guitar quite a bit, I would like this touched up.

4. One morning after a long night of practice, I left my guitar by my bed. When I awoke, I stepped on my whammy bar which kinda snapped it in two leaving part of it lodged inside the uh whammy hole(?).

So any estimates? Is it cheaper to just buy a new guitar?
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