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Ian Anderson
The Dome
28th April 2014

Ist Night Of 2014 tour

Linage ZOOMH2 internal mics volume setting 80/100 row B in the circle dead centre (perfect position) CD WAV to split and tlh flac6
acoustics in this venue were just about perfect!

Well what can I say flew over from Ireland to see the first night and wasn't disapointed a fantastic show the band were spot on,
none of these first night iron out the mistakes and we'll get better shit,love the new album and the choice of old Tull stuff while a bit
predictable was really enjoyable.

Although there is NO SUPPORT there is in the shape of recorded segments by Fairport Convention,Anna Phebe and some Icelandic
singer they were quite novel as they were playing as if they were live and responding to an audence.

The intro was quite funny similar to thick as a brick but it has a long lead in of cow bells jingling so be patient!!!! also during set 2 there is a count down clock you can hear ticking
away before they start some of the songs.

I'm going to give myself a pat on the back and give this an EXCELLENT A rating I'm well pleased with the way it turned out!

only negative A PISS POOR CROWD the circle was just about half full and in the stalls the sides looked empty get out and support the artist.

Hope you all enjoy and I hope as many shows as possible get taped

Artwork is included.

Disc One

Part 1: Chronicles
1. Doggerland
2. Heavy Metals
3. Enter The Uninvited
4. Puer Ferox Adventus
5. Meliora Sequamur
6. The Turnpike Inn
7. The Engineer
8. The Pax Britannica

Part 2: Prophecies
9. Tripudium Ad Bellum
10. After These Wars
11. New Blood, Old Veins

Part 3: Revelations
12. In For A Pound
13. The Browning Of The Green
14. Per Errationes Ad Astra
15. Cold Dead Reckoning

Disc Two

01. Living In The Past
02. Bouree
03. With You The To Help Me
04. Sweet Dream
05. Teacher
06. Critique Oblique
07. To Old To Rock & Roll To Your To Die
08. Songs From The Wood
09. Farm On The Freeway
10. My God
11. Aqualung
12. Band Intro's
13. Locomotive Breath


* Ian Anderson – vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
* John O’Hara – Hammond organ, piano, keyboards
* David Goodier – bass guitar, glockenspiel
* Florian Opahle – electric guitar
* Scott Hammond – drums, percussion
* Ryan O’Donnell – vocals Anderson The Dome Brighton 04.28.2014.rar
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