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Back to playing catch up... Site has been updated fully to remove all pop ups and ad server things. So now you can just click and go.

This was the full headlining set in front of 48000 people at the Pinkpop Festival in 1981, with UB40 and Madness on set earlier in the day (you can hear Dury calling them to the stage during the last song - and from a brief video on Youtube, UB40 turn up but only Mike Barson (I think) from Madness makes an appearance (and you can hear him briefly singing too).

This wasn't in bad condition - guessing an FM recording - but the mix and sound balance is a bit ropey in places. I did what I could to fix that and EQ'ed to improve clarity and the bottom end - you couldn't hear the drums and bass much at all; now you can - and The Blockheads were great live musicians so this is a real treat.

The link to the download, along with setlist etc is here:

Live and Loud!: Show 142 - Ian Dury and The Blockheads - Live At The Pinkpop Festival Netherlands - 8 June 1981

As with all my shows, the links will not be dying anytime soon, so should still be around in a few years time (barring nuclear war or me dying, whichever comes first).
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